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 Draw the Day

A  creative resource for wellbeing


Draw the Day is an online creative resource brought to you by Cartwheel Arts. Sharing bite size accessible activities that you can do on your own at home. We use simple materials and techniques which will help you to relax, experiment and play. Our Wellbeing activities are designed to help you to ground yourself, manage your anxiety and improve your wellbeing. We also offer an online gallery to showcase your artwork, get in touch if you would like your work added to the site! 


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Art Postcard

Art activity to try out. Some will challenge you to think in a different way...

Untitled design (1).jpg
Story Time

Join Professor Jigget for a story adventure.

Make Along With me.jpg
Art Videos

These videos have been made so that so can make along with us.

Let's get creative togtether!

Two Circles Anxiety Management Technique
Wellbeing Support

Our Emotional Support Worker has shared some techniques for you when you're feeling anxious or low.

Explore the Day

Want to make an adventure at home? activities for you to try at home...

Online Gallery

When you share your pictures of art work you have made, we'll upload them onto our online gallery!

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